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Lot more than basic slot cards here....

I collected almost every conceivable variation of every card that I could find so I have different player number prefixes (more than just Caesars/Harrah's), different width and color magnetic stripes, different expiration dates on higher level cards, different stickers, different color/style/position printings, special printings instead of a normal player name, and much, much more. Plus I saved both blank and printed of every card. I have tons of variations if anyone is interested, just let me know what you're looking for or interested in.

If anyone is interested in the Four Queens bus cards I had started saving different bus group numbers (00 to 99) for each card and have an extensive collection of those cards (over 1,700 different cards right now).... basic paisley design, paisley design with white boxes, circles and the grey edge cards. I can provide complete sets of every color card in each of the 4 designs or any individual cards you're looking for.

I also have boxes of all of the different Turning Stone Multi-Game Credit cards if you need any of those. I have all different dates and printings on these too.

For those collecting foreign casino slot cards I have over 4,500 different foreign cards available, including many of the rarest cards. There are over 540 different Russian casino cards available in that number plus there's another 900+ different Canadian cards. None of the foreign cards have been listed on eBay yet but if you're looking for anything specific just let me know.

If there's anyone still interested in Harrah's/Caesars cards with different player# prefixes, I have almost 19,000 different Harrah's cards in the collection plus another 10,000+ doubles.

There's 700+ foreign casino entry passes/tickets, some going back to the early 1900s.

And finally but not by no means the last.... Over 1,300 coupons and 250 coupon books. Almost 200 different jackpot tickets, 180+ different play money bills, 120+ arcade cards (mostly non-casino), 40 check cashing cards, 110+ casino guest cards, 120+ dangles, 230+ slot flags and cards, 80+ VIP Event badges/passes, 40+ sportsbook cards, 50+ Wincards and MUCH, MUCH more.

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Not going to Convention but listing on eBay daily
Lot more than basic slot cards here....

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