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Over 650 Different Russian Cards Available

Now that I'm selling off all my cards, I have over 650 different Russian casino slot cards available. Most are valued at $10 each while others vary in value up to $100. In particular, I have an Altai Palace Gold level card embossed with serial# 002 that is valued at $100. If there's any interest I can provide more info, scans, etc. Many are one of a kind card and pretty rare.

Lost of other stuff available, ask if you're looking for anything specific. Or check out the special issue of the Slot Card Guide with everything I have available marked with a circle-X instead of the usual open checkbox at the end of the listings. The file is available from my website at and I'll be updating it as needed and things change.

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Back from vacation... EVERYTHING'S FOR SALE!!!
Over 650 Different Russian Cards Available

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