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Back from vacation... EVERYTHING'S FOR SALE!!!

i'm back from vacation down the shore and I'll start listing on eBay again shortly. Unfortunately there are no more listings on Delcampe after they decided to shut down all USA buyers and sellers in 22 states due to the online sales tax laws. Listing on eBay will be using either of my two eBay seller IDs: rbakerpc or slotcardexchange. There's a link below to my eBay sales which should start showing up again soon, hopefully by this Tuesday at the latest.

Everything in my massive collection is for sale and I'll even entertain any serious offers for the entire collection if anyone is interested. The main collection contains over 100,000 different slot cards with all the various variations I collected. Plus another 200,000+ common slot card doubles, probably 10,000 or more rare slot card doubles, over 10,000 room keys, over 800 foreign entry tickets, over 1,400 coupons, over 250 coupon books, plus brochures, jackpot tickets, check cashing cards, casino hotel guest cards, dangles, ID cards and badges, illegal internet cafe cards, keno sheets, membership cards, manufacturing sample cards, parking tickets/cards, postcards, roulette cards, rules and odds books/cards, slot flags, sports book items, stationary, VIP event passes, WinCards and much more. If you collect Harrah's/Caesars player# prefixes, I have almost 20,000 different cards available with a wide variety of player# prefixes for almost every card.

Contact me for more info or if you're looking for anything specific! All of my available slot cards are marked on the ChipGuide trademaker plus there's a special issue of the Slot Card Guide available on my website at that indicates all the slot cards currently available with a special circle-X at the end of the listing instead of the usual open checkbox. Need help or have any questions, just let me know.

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Back from vacation... EVERYTHING'S FOR SALE!!!
Over 650 Different Russian Cards Available

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