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Also resulted in tons of new listings on Delcampe.

If you have any interest in other things besides slot cards here's a few links to some of the things I recently added on my Delcampe store to help make it a little easier to find things... Don't forget we can deal direct, you do not have to have an account on Delcampe.

There's actually quite a few non slot card items that I added under the slot card category since there was no place else to put them on Delcampe. So here's a link to the main slot card listings, latest additions will appear first. There's well over 13,000 entries in this category...

If you have any interest in coupons or coupon books, this link will take you to the latest listings with a little over 200 entries. I'd even be interested in trades or buying coupons or coupon books if you have any doubles.

Brochures can be found here although there's less than 20 listed currently. Personally I only collect those brochures that have player club/slot card information.

There's also a few keyrings

Paper Napkins

Coasters (Delcampe calls them Beer Mats)

And don't forget I still have over 2,000 different casino hotel room key cards listed

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More stuff for my convention table
Also resulted in tons of new listings on Delcampe.

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