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More stuff for my convention table

I'm already planning on bringing 9 three ring binders with a sampling of my rare and foreign slot card doubles (1 card each). I just don't have any way of bringing any extras with me since I have to carry these on the plane with me for my insurance to cover them in transit. I did manage to put together two more binders with an assortment of smaller paper and odd ball stuff that I will definitely be bringing with me as well. I have one other box of slightly large paper items like coupons, coupon books and other things that I'm going to try and bring if I can find enough room in my luggage. My table will be under the name of "The Slot Card Exchange" and should be located next to Dave Johnston's club table since we'll be helping each other during the show.

In the process of getting ready for the show I recently went through a large box of miscellaneous paper stuff that I've just been throwing the box for the last 2 years. I wound up adding over a thousand new listings on my Delcampe store from that box! I'll post some links in the next posting.....

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More stuff for my convention table
Also resulted in tons of new listings on Delcampe.

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