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Tons of eBay listings this week

I just got 500 free listings that are only good this week with a deadline of midnight pacific time Friday (May 1st). I already listed 100+ slot cards and room keys with much more coming, probably 100+ each day. Should be a mix of common and rare slot cards. There's already a small batch of room keys listed from earlier today. Whatever I'm listing on eBay is generally extras of what's already listed on Delcampe except for some of the rare cards.

Seems like everyone is taking advantage of the time and listing tons of things on eBay while everyone is home.

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Tons of eBay listings this week
Adding about 100 listings a day, now to Friday
Over 300 Rarer Slot Cards Already Listed
Done Listing Rarer Cards....
Just Added 30+ Room Keys not on CG

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