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Over 300 Rarer Slot Cards Already Listed

...with more coming Friday for my last day of free listings. It's a massive listing of many rarer slot cards with lots of 1st and 2nd issue cards included. Plus I'm open to offers on any listing if you don't want to waste time bidding on auctions. All listings have a Best Offer option so just make me a reasonable offer. I'll combine shipping on any purchases if you wait for an invoice.

The only place you'll see more rarer slot card listings is on my Delcampe store where there's currently over 1,000 rarer slot cards listed! Links are below or email me if you're looking for something special.

Even though I don't collect them myself I do have almost 2,000 room keys with about 1,800 listed on Delcampe so far.

A lot of the recent doubles are coming from 3 large slot card collections that concentrated on southern states - Mississippi, Louisana, etc. And more coming as I continue to finish going through the last collection I'm still working on.

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Tons of eBay listings this week
Adding about 100 listings a day, now to Friday
Over 300 Rarer Slot Cards Already Listed
Done Listing Rarer Cards....
Just Added 30+ Room Keys not on CG

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