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It's the only place I have cards listed

I switched from using my own website and eBay, and now use Delcampe to list all my cards. It makes things a whole lot easier for me to manage plus it provides a quick way to search for anything you need. The store is totally free with lower fees then eBay and there is no limit on how many items I can list. There are over 12,000 slot cards listed all the time with more being added as new doubles are found plus I have whatever room keys, gift cards, coupons and other stuff listed as well. Using eBay would be super expensive for a store with high monthly fees and higher selling fees, with very limited exposure. Delcampe lets me list as many items as I want for free with no restrictions, no penalties for cancelling sales, etc.

BUT you do not need to have a Delcampe account and you DO NOT need to buy through Delcampe. We can deal direct if you just give me a list of what you're interested in. The easiest way to do that is to copy the web address (URL) from the page displaying the item you want and then just past that address in the body of an email. That way I'll have a direct link to the item you want. Makes it super easy for you and me.

If you need help finding things I can even generate a custom search and email you a link. That link will be always be good so you can use it again and again to check if I add something you're looking for. If you do register an account on Delcampe then you can setup email alerts to watch for new listings, etc. If you just want to see what I'm adding without registering an account, just let me know and I can email you the list of additions whenever something is added. I'm already sending those emails to 2 or 3 collectors so I can easily add more to the list.

If you need help with anything just ask.

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Over 200 New Slot Cards Added to Delcampe Store
Another 40 Rarer Doubles Added Tonight
iis the delcampe the only way you sell?
It's the only place I have cards listed
TY Bob, I will send an email with the links
See email, I located everything you wanted
Excellent TY, I know I had a long list...

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