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Over 200 New Slot Cards Added to Delcampe Store

After finishing checking all the Colorado slot cards in the recent collection I acquired I just finished posting all the extra doubles on my Delcampe store. There's over 200 new cards added and many of them are BLANKS. Plus I listed a few things on eBay that I'll move over to the Delcampe store if they don't sell on eBay. I still have about 300 rarer doubles to check to see what else needs to be listed but I probably won't get to those for a few days.

Here's a link to my slot card listings on Delcampe, there are now over 12,400 different cards available!

Remeber, you DO NOT have to have a Delcampe account, you can buy or trade direct. Just give me a list of the cards you're interested in. Plus on rarer cards, I'm lowering prices to 50% of the Slot Card Guide prices with free shipping if you buy 3 or more rarer cards. Best and easiest way to give me a list of what you're interested in is to just copy the web page for the card you want and past the URL address into the body of an email to me. Then I have a direct link I can click on to find the exact card you're interested in. If you need help just let me know.

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Over 200 New Slot Cards Added to Delcampe Store
Another 40 Rarer Doubles Added Tonight
iis the delcampe the only way you sell?
It's the only place I have cards listed
TY Bob, I will send an email with the links
See email, I located everything you wanted
Excellent TY, I know I had a long list...

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