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Prices have not changed
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The prices for all the cards mentioned have not changed, mainly because they have not come up for sale or auction to judge the current market value. In general all slot cards are down in value as the hobby has unfortunately declined over the past few years, most cards down about 25-30% on average. There are some non-collectors listing cards on eBay at totally ridiculous prices but they don't sell and usually disappear pretty quickly.

The Slot Card Guide is now published in electronic form and is a free download from the website at with new releases every 3 months instead of the former printed books that only came out every 2 years. I'm adding about 300-400 cards every quarter on average. The big advantage of the new electronic guide is that it's now linked with the website so you can click on the CG# for any card and see scans of that card. We have scans of a very high percentage of the cards now listed. If you do have any unique cards that we do not yet have scans for I would really appreciate scans of those cards so we can add them to the ChipGuide to make it more complete.

If you need help with anything just let me know.

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Prices have not changed

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