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is it that time

I was a very active collector except for the last decade now at 75 do I leave it to my kids or share in the joy of leaving some treasures to my fellow collectors . The first card up for discussion is from the Showboat Casino and Bowling Alley Las Vegas Nevada . Home of the Showboat Open their slot club opened in 1989 and closed in 2000. The history on this card begins with a letter I sent to the then Players Club Manager. He sent me a purple VIP card, a blue green Links card, red spyglass card, light blue very important bowler raised printing and this card GOLD OFFICERS CLUB 4 STARS. Steve Wells initially denied the existence of this card based on his player history at the casino and my lack there-of since I am an east coaster. I sent the card to Steve and it was listed. Clearly in Steve's and my mind this is a prototype. Yet a real card Collectible??? In 2008 Pat Lamb and Steve Wells listed it at $200 Today?

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is it that time
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