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Just when I was thinking Skeeter finally quit...

Guess eBay seller Skeeter169 is going to "get me back" for leaving him negative feedback since he never delivered on the room keys I purchased. I got to spend part of my day before Thanksgiving communicating with the local police department and forwarding this message to his ISP and the FBI/I3C. If anything shows up in the mail from this guy, the local PD lieutenant told me to call them and they'll come get it and take it from there. Guess the one agency this guy hasn't involved yet is the USPS Postal Inspection Service, but he might be hearing from them soon.


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Subject: How do you like it

Did you get your little gift................ There is more coming your way....... You sorry Mother (EDITED) sonofa (EDITED)............. You have alot of other things thats gonna happen to your sorry (EDITED) (EDITED) in the very near future.......... I promised you I would get you back........... and its payback time.......

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Just when I was thinking Skeeter finally quit...
Did ebay boot this guy yet ???
Screw eBay This is getting much more serious
It's very frustrating...
Jim , Keep up the good fight & God Bless !
I pledge to NEVER buy from this seller N e 1 else?
Archie Posted this on TCB and I just wanted to say

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