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wanted Looking for Four Queens Bus Cards

While I'm still busy merging Pat's collection with mine it's been hard to do much trading. However, I have been looking for additional Four Queens Bus Cards with different bus group numbers on them. The group numbers are printed on the two designs with the white boxes in the lower right corner, the cards with the grey edge on the left, and on stickers that appear on some of the paisley-like pattern cards. I am looking for different group numbers so if you have more than one group number on the same color/design card I'm still interested. If you have any doubles for trade, let me know. All my original doubles are still on my website at if there's anything there you can use in trade. Otherwise, I'll have tons of additional doubles in a few months when I'm done sorting Pat's cards and mine. By the way, I'm also looking for additional slot cards with actual player photos on them if you have any doubles of those for trade.

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