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Anyone want to buy a HUGE collection?

Hi guys--I am wondering if any of you would be interested in buying my ENTIRE huge slot card collection. Before I take time to count the thousands of cards I have in my collection and the thousands of dupes, I want to know if there is an interest. I will not sell just part--it is all or nothing. I will only list a few---
Some better cards are--NV
Dunes 600
Golden Nugget 2nd-200
Lady Luck TC3 & TC4-150 each
Showboat 1st-150
Showboat blue VIB xx---125
Vegas World-white and cream 75 each
Nevada Club--175
Post Office-150
Virginian-lt blue 150
Virginian in Virginia City-150
Bronco Billys BH-PC1, PC2, PC3-50, 50, 75
Gold Coin-100
Papones green 75
Lodge 2nd gold-150
Mardi Gras "crown" cards--8 @ 75
Ottos lavender-200
Pony Express--100
Toll Gate 1st white--150
Star both issues 250 and 200
Old Chicago--all 4--50-75
Richman lavender-150
Riv--red VIP-50
Wild West PC--9 @35
Many Montana--real cards with bar codes--not samples or over prints-20-30 value
Foreigns, Racetracks, Cruise, Indians, Boats, AC new OKlahoma and NV--you name it--it is probably in there!
Just a small sample of my better cards--these are NOT for sale seperatly, but for the whole collection probably 10,000 in the collection and another 5,000-6,000 dupes. If interested--I will count them to be exact. Let me know. Thanks. Serious people please email me. Pat

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