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Sorry guys, have a few more questions.....

Hi guys, Just trying to get my head around the whole slot card thing. If anyone could answer any of these questions it would bring me a few small steps closer to getting educated.

1) Hole or no hole? Does this make a difference? Was the card holed by the casino to attach to those stretchy things or for some other reason? Does the hole affect the value or desirability of a card?
2) What are the major things that you guys look for in a card? Condition? Is it better without a persons name, so blank?
3) Latest issue of slot card "bible". Has there been any additions to the AUS/NZ sections? Managed to get my hands on the previous version & was just wondering if anything new was added.

Thanks guys, really appreciate the help & thanks to those collectors who have already offered to trade cards or send me scans of Australian & New Zealand cards, it's much appreciated!!

Cheers, Tim.

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Sorry guys, have a few more questions.....
and here's some more scans of Cards to trade

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