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My Oz Cards from my trip in 2008

Total Star Blue is from Sky City in Sidney. This is a full casino, video slots, table games, craps, and poker.
I have an extra one of these (Tim email me if you want it).
They have 4 levels of players, but could not get any of the other colors.

Senator's Club is from Casino Canberra in the Canberra. This is a very small casino. No slots, only a handful of table games, but did have poker and Pai Gow Tiles, which I was surprised to see. Guess they have alot of Asian players.

Victoria Hotel is from Wagga Wagga. I was lecturing at a conference at the Charles Sturt University for a couple days, in case you were wondering why I was there.

For those who don't know, pubs/bistros are allowed to have video slots. They're scattered all over this country.
The player cards aren't easy to get, because you sign up for one, but have to come back another day to pick them up.
Forget collecting them if you're just traveling through.
Since I was in Wagga for a few days it was easy to get this one, but missed out on several others.

I missed out on a couple in Sidney from the Rugby League Headquarters.
Their cards have great team designs and are sports related.

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Found another one....Will trade For AUS or NZ card
My Oz Cards from my trip in 2008
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