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ATTN: Ebay Buyers

Hey all :-)

I just wanted to warn all of you Ebay buyers not to feel so "comfy" when you see that Paypal protection logo on any Ebay sellers page. VERY long story short----a USPS box arrived empty here (had stamps all over it with arrived empty at the USPS Dist Center) and I signed for it from my carrier (who never informed me that I didn't HAVE to sign for it if the box was empty). I informed the seller of the empty box, the seller filed an insurance claim and when it came time to pay me, they kept the money. I filed claims/disputes with Ebay/Paypal and my chargecard, but since I had signed for the empty box, that was "proof of delivery" and not one company would back me up. The seller had promised replacements and promised the insurance check, but then ran away when it came time to pay up. I guess I'd rather lose the $150 (the replacement value that the seller kept) than have all of the fraud reports and police reports (yes, Paypal makes you file a State Police Report against the seller during a dispute) filed against me. I sure had a lot of legwork over the past 3 months, along with phonecalls and reports that I had to file, but I guess in the end I can sleep at night knowing that I did the right thing. So just beware to never sign for anything if it looks to be empty---go directly to your post office and file your own insurance claim right then and there. Thank you and thanks to all of you honest collectors/sellers out there, it's been a pleasure dealing with you over the past 15 years.

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ATTN: Ebay Buyers
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