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Hi here is the ultra new summerlin "ELITE" card... and Gil the mkt. manage said only 100 people made the list... and they made very few extra's for lost card people... I talked him out of a blank $12.00 and my name is $10.00 -
The Palms gift cards are $10.00 ea... as there is no way to get these except once a month when issued to legend holders..
The live on line key is $5.00 front and back shown
Mary Ann's Legend cards are $8.00 ea..
The "U" room key and my oldder Summerlin Room card are $5.00
Hi the top 2 are $100.00 ea... slot cards
The 2nd row VIP room keys are $4.00 ea.

3td row $2.00 ea. slot cards

4th row $6.00 4 the cherry key and born $5.00 ea. key

5th row are front and back of cherry $6.00 ea. key

skip & mary ann

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