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New Foreign & US Room Keys for Trade

I just got a bunch of foreign hotel room key cards in trade plus a few US casino room key cards from a recent auction. And I have a room key card from the Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George, British Columbia Canada from my recent business trip (plus the latest BC Gold slot cards too). I picked up a few regular hotel room keys in Prince George too but not many and mostly generic. Everything is listed on my trading website if interested. I only have one of the Treasure Cove keys left but supposedly there are more coming in the mail..... Boy was it cold up in Prince George the 4 days I was there last week!!!

Check out groups 21-24 (near the bottom) on my room key page for the latest cards...

I also have a Do Not Disturb card from Ameristar casino if anyone is interested

My latest slot card doubles are usually up to date as well as the premium slot cards on a separate page on the website. Everything is constantly being updated as things come and go.

I don't collect room keys myself so I'm primarily interested in trading for slot cards but open to other offers.... Bob

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New Foreign & US Room Keys for Trade

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