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vbg vbg Off to Vegas for Winter vbg vbg

Yes we will spending winter away from this cold in Boston.
We leave next Sunday.
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First stop on our big harvesting trek will be Atlantic City.
Then on to the casinos in Delaware.
Followed by a long casino-less drive through MD, Virginia an Tennessee.
Some new casinos in Alabama!
Lots in Biloxi to get cards from.
Up the Mississippi River to Vicksburgh and Tunica.
Now West to Louisiana and the dry state of Texas.
Many Indian casinos in New Mexico and Arizona.
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Will be in Las Vegas by Feb !st in time for the SuperShow at
Arizona Charlies with many slot card traders from the trip.

On the way back (in May) we will be on a more northen route for
different casinos in OK, MO, IL, IN, & NY.

We would be glad to meet with any card collectors along the way.
Send us an e-mail for our cell phone number...

Dennis & Maureen McCormack

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