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Back from vacation and catching up...

I'll be starting to list on eBay again today with additional listings every day or so as I have time. Plus I'll be working on any ChipGuide submissions for slot cards and room keys that need processing shortly. Hopefully I can catch up quickly.

I'm also ready for any new want lists if there's any slot cards or other paper items you're looking for. Common slot cards (valued under $10 in the guide) sold direct are $1 each plus shipping, rarer cards at 40% of catalog prices now if direct. Anything listed on eBay is slightly higher to cover costs. Be sure to include CG#s in your want list so there's no confusion over what cards you want/need.

I'm currently using three different selling accounts on eBay: my primary rbakerpc account, plus slotcardtrader and slotcardexchange

Anything questions just let me know...

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