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Just sold every NM Slot Card I Had.....

Everything's for sale with close to 300,000 slot cards still available after selling every single New Mexico slot card that I had this week!

If there's anything you're looking for, give me a want list with the CG#s and we'll work out a deal. Selling the best quality cards from my actual collection at $1 each for common cards plus 50% of catalog prices for rarer cards (plus shipping) if we work direct. I can do better on larger orders as long as we're working direct and payment is via PayPal GIFT. Requests are being handled in the order I get them! Working on one 450+ card list now.

There's a lot of other stuff besides slot cards, just no chips. There's foreign casino entry tickets, check cashing cards, Coupons, coupon books, Bonus cash coupons, jackpot tickets, event & contest tickets, play money bills, arcade cards (including non-casino), dangles, hotel guest cards, ID cards & badges, instruction cards, keno sheets, membership cards (including some NZ non-casino clubs), manufacturing samples, parking cards, postcards, rules & odds, slot flags and cards/signs, sportsbook cards, VIP/Event passes, wincards, early casino social club items (from 1800's and early 1900s).

If anyone wants large quantities of common slot card doubles, make me an offer. There's at least 200,000 cards available and I can generate large lots of all different cards or whatever you're interested in.

Just note that I'll be away May 22nd to June 4th with limited email availability. I'll catch up on any requests and ChipGuide/guide submissions when I return.

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