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Now Listing All My Common Cards on Ebay

I recently finished the second of two passes through all my rarer slot cards, listing them all individually on eBay. I'm now working on listing all of my common slot cards (those valued under $10) individually on eBay, going through the casinos alphabetically as I have the cards stored. I'm trying to list every variation of each card that I notice - stickers, special printings, etc. so there may be several listed of each issue. I'm only going to do this one time and it will probably take many months if not longer. Most common cards are starting at $1.49 each on eBay with a few a little higher.

Keep in mind that the cards being listed are those from my actual collection and not from my doubles pile. They are all stored in individual protective plastic sleeves and each card is the best condition card I could find for that variation after going through over half a million cards over the past 15+ years. This is a one shot deal and I'll be adding cards every few days as I have time. I will be taking a short break from listings at the end of May and early June when I have a vacation planned.

I'm already working directly with a number of collectors who are periodically sending my there want lists. I'm offering all rarer cards at 50% of the catalog prices and all common cards at $1 each plus shipping if we can work direct. Contact me via email for more details.

And there are a lot of other things here like coupons, coupon books, brochures and all sorts of miscellaneous things. Let me know what you're looking for. Just keep in mind there are NO chips or tokens.

See my links below to easily find my eBay listings, etc.

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