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Planning on making Atlantic City Club Meeting 2/25

As of now I have every intention of making the Atlantic City Club meeting on Sunday Feb 25th. I'll be bringing an assortment of items from my collection with me but probably not many slot cards. If there's anything specific you'd like me to bring please be sure to let me know in advance so I have time to gather the items to pack for the trip down to the shore.

Besides over 300,000 slot cards there are over 700 foreign casino entry tickets/passes, over 1,300 coupons, 250+ coupon books, hundreds of tickets, 190 different play money bills, 120+ arcade cards, 330+ brochures (mostly slot card related), 40+ check cashing cards, 130+ dangles, 120+ guest cards, 40+ ID cards & badges, 180+ instruction cards, 20+ keno sheets, 110+ membership cards, 40+ manufacturer sample cards, 180 parking cards/tickets, 40+ postcards, 80+ rules & odds booklets/cards, 240+ slot flags, 40+ sportsbook cards, 200+ stationary & letters plus extra doubles, 80+ VIP/Event passes, 50+ wincards and much more.

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Planning on making Atlantic City Club Meeting 2/25
Any interest in room keys at the meeting?

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