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Latest Slot Card Guide now Available 18.3 Edition

I just uploaded the latest edition of the Slot Card Guide to my website, the 18.3 edition is now available and lists over 25, 500 slot cards. That's about 200 additions/changes since the last release. As usual, any donations to help cover the costs of the website, etc. are greatly appreciated. You can download the latest copy from

If you are looking for any specific slot cards for your collection my entire collection is available and still includes nearly 80% of every slot card ever issued worldwide. You can see what cards are still available in my specially marked copy of the Slot Card Guide at then just email me with a list and I'm sure we can work something out. I've been selling rarer cards around 50% of the catalog prices and common card around $1-4 each depending on rarity, etc. Let me know what you need...


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