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Starting to list on eBay again!

I'm starting to list slot cards and other things on eBay again so check them out. Lots of rarer slot cards already and hopefully a bunch of room keys and some common slot cards as well. In the mean time, you can download the special version of the Slot Card Guide that has all my current cards indicated (circle-X before the CG# instead of open check box) from my website at ( ). I'll be updating the file as things change. If there's anything you want we can work direct. I have a bunch of other stuff besides slot cards but I probably won't be listing any or much of that anytime soon. If you're interested in coupons or other paper items, coupon books, slot flags, keno sheets, slot program brochures, foreign casino entry tickets, etc. just let me know. I'm working on requests in the order I get them and as I have time. My computer is now on a separate floor from all the cards so it can take a little time to locate things.

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