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Decided to split up my collection.... It's time!

If there's anything specific you're looking for I'll be glad to help. I have over 300,000 slot cards along with a ton of other casino memorabilia. I have approximately 85% of every slot card ever issued worldwide so if there's something you're looking for, odds are i have it. The whole collection is actually up for sale but it's massive so at this point I've decided to start splitting things up and I'll start listing some things on eBay as I have time. If you have access to the ChipGuide trade maker and/or query search, you should be able to see my entire slot card collection and what's available. I'm trying to get everything marked as available for trade and hopefully that will happen shortly.

Besides slot cards there are tons of foreign casino entry tickets, check cashing cards, guest cards, ID's and badges, instruction cards, keno sheets, parking items, roulette cards, rules cards/brochures, slot flags, stationary, VIP event passes, wincards, play money, jackpot tickets, coupon books, paper coupons and player rewards brochures, plus a whole lot more.

Let me know if you're looking for anything else.

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Decided to split up my collection.... It's time!
Robert, thank you for all you have done...
Here's where you can find a list of all the cards
ChipGuide My Collection is Now Setup

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