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Times are a changing....

For those that don't know, my wife passed away in December of 2018 and I met someone new in September of 2021. We just got engaged and I'm in the process of putting my NJ house on the market sometime in late April. Needless to say, I'll be spending less time on cards for the foreseeable future but I'll try to keep up with the ChipGuide submissions as best I can. I've put my eBay and Delcampe sales on hold while I'm busy with all the tasks involved with selling my home and starting my new journey in life. Additionally, I'm leaving for vacation on March 6th and won't be back home until March 16th.

I probably won't be buying any new cards and I've actually been contemplating selling my entire collection and retiring from collection so I have more time for travel and other things. If anyone would have an interest in the largest slot card collection in the world please contact me for details. My current collection includes over 101,000 different cards and represent over 83% of every slot card ever issued in the world, including most of the rarest cards known. There are over 4,800 foreign cards, including over 650 Russian cards. With all the prefixes and multiple variations saved, there's over 19,000 different Harrah's cards. In addition, there's at least another 200,000 common slot card doubles plus about 5,000 rarer slot card doubles. There are about 10,000 room keys, over 800 foreign casino entry passes, over 1,400 paper coupons, 260+ coupon books and thousands of other miscellaneous casino collectibles along with several boxes of doubles. There's also several cases of storage sleeves for slot cards that I had custom made with probably 20,000+ left. I can provide a lot more details if anyone is seriously interested but this is a massive collection to say the least.

This collection represents a combination of over 40 different collections that were purchased over the pasts 15 years so this is probably something that will never be recreated if it's split up. However, due to the overall size and value I might be open to splitting things up depending on the interest.

Thanks for all the great years, I hope to remain active at some level as best I can as I see how things develope with my personal life.

Bob Baker

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Times are a changing....
Re: Times are a changing....
I'll still be around...
Congratulations and best wishes to your new spouse

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