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Extra! JUST 4 Days Left for the Raffle Special Deal

Checks to qualify for the pre-convention special MUST arrive BEFORE I leave for Vegas. That means if you want to make sure they get here you should have them in the mail no later than June 1st and I have to receive them no later than June 5th.

This year we are offering

15 tickets for $100 (3 More than during the convention)
34 Tickets for $200 (10 More than during the convention)

These specials are available ONLY by mail BEFORE the convention starts so dont miss out and get your free tickets.
Special Offer Ends the end of May and I MUST have any payments before I leave for Vegas to qualify.

That means less than 4 DAYS LEFT to get in on this special !!!!

Payment should be made payable to the CCA and mailed to:

Doug Smith
CCA Raffle Chair
PO Box 691085
Houston, TX. 77269-1085

Copyright 2022 David Spragg