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Extra! Help with 2021 OTY Exhibit

Hey CCA’ers!

I still need to collect a few specimens for our 2021 CCA OTY Exhibit next month and I am looking for assistance to locate the last several items needed to have the full 2021 nominee list on display.

Are there any kind souls out there that have extras of some of these nominees that are attending the convention and would be willing to loan the pieces to me for the exhibit? Or, if you have any of these for sale and the price is reasonable, I may be willing to purchase the items to display and then we won’t have to connect for me to return them to you.

Either way, if you have any available, please email me at or and let’s see if we can work an arrangement out so I can have a complete nominee list on display for all to enjoy. Any help is much appreciated!

Trey Warren
2021 CCA OTY Chairman

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Extra! Help with 2021 OTY Exhibit
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