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Extra! Time to kick off the 2022 ccgtcc Raffle !!!!!

The ccgtcc will be running a raffle once again at the 2022 convention in June and we’re looking for donations – chips, slot cards, hotel room keys, silver strikes -- anything casino-related that’s in good shape that you’d want in YOUR collection (no items that are in really poor condition, please). These donated items will be raffled off at this year’s convention (June 16th through June 18th at the South Point in Las Vegas).. If you’d like to help, please gather up your donated items and send them to the the address noted below.

The Annual Convention Raffle is an important part of our clubs fundraising efforts and proceeds from this event help keep Membership and Convention costs down and allow us to do all the things that we want to keep our club and hobby enjoyable.

Now, with regards to raffle tickets – Raffle tickets are a donation of $10 each or 3 tickets for a $25 donation.

Because of the tremendous success of previous years Pre-Convention ticket promotion, we will once again be offering a special of 15 tickets for $100 by mail before the convention. That's 3 more tickets per $100 than you will get if you buy them at the convention so be sure to take advantage of this offer early.

In addition, I am offering a SUPER Pre-Convention special of 34 tickets for $200. That is 10 More than you will get at the raffle table at the convention.

All funds raised for this event will go towards the Club’s General Fund. You do not need to be present at the convention to win (but it would make it a whole lot more exciting ). There will be drawings on Thursday and Friday during the convention. The number of drawings as well as the number of winners per drawing per day will be determined depending upon the number of donations. If you want to purchase raffle tickets, please mail payment (payable to the ccgtcc ) to me at:

Doug Smith
ccgtcc Raffle Chair
PO Box 691085
Houston, TX. 77269-1085

I already have a few donations in hand but looking for a LOT More. As usual I will be adding items weekly as they come in.
Look for Photos of donations as well as Thank You Posts to the donors coming soon.

Thanks for your help, donations & purchases as well as a huge thanks to all that contributed to past successful raffles.

Douglas Smith
ccgtcc Raffle Chair

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Extra! Time to kick off the 2022 ccgtcc Raffle !!!!!
The ccgtcc Raffle desperately NEEDS Your Donations
Dont forget about the Pre-Convention Specials !!!!

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