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Not in the guides....
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But many collectors do collect the different stickers on different issue cards.

In the guides, stickers and printings or anything added by the casino like special punch holes (hearts, etc.) are ignored as far as card issues, etc. Only the basic card design is what is considered when trying to figure out issues, etc.

Same thing with different size or color magnetic stripes which can vary all over the place on any given issue card. They're not considered with listing cards in the guides although many collectors do collect the different variations in the magnetic stripes.

Hope that helps.... If you have any other questions or need help with anything related to slot cards just let me know or post here on the BBS. If you haven't done it already I would suggest downloading the free Slot Card Guide ( ) that's updated every 3 months. It's available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats and both are searchable to help make it easier to find things. Plus the CG#s listed for each card are a hot link you can click on to display the corresponding scans in your web browser.

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Do stickers make a variety?
Not in the guides....

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