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I just added another eBay account for slot cards

I just finished setting up an extra eBay account just for selling slot cards. This will give me the ability to list additional cards every month without the expense of having a store. The new account is under the name "slotcardexchange" and some cards are already listed with more to come. I'm just going to start grabbing random cards from my doubles pile and keep listing them as time allows. My LinkTree page (listed under each of my postings) now has an extra link that will show all the current auctions under the new account. Note that since this is a new account with no feedback yet eBay is slowing down new listings with them taking up to 24 hours to appear after I add something. I'll still be listing things under my original rbakerpc account as well.

I'm just about done going through all the recent collections that I've acquired so I should have more time for listings and online sales starting in a few weeks. So this was an early step to get ready for that.

Note that I have ALL of my available doubles always listed on Delcampe and I'm constantly adding to those listings as new doubles are discovered. There's over 13,000 slot cards listed on my Delcampe store. Plus, I have a lot of other stuff listed there as well, including thousands of room keys, gift cards and more. If you ever need help finding anything just let me know and I can generate a link to a custom search to hopefully help you locate things. You do not need to have a Delcampe account, I can deal direct if you just let me know what you need.

Here's a quick link to the new eBay listings under slotcardexchange....

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I just added another eBay account for slot cards
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