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I'm always going through slot cards from recent acquisitions when I have nothing else to do. As I find more doubles I first check that I have them listed already on my Delcampe store and add them if they're not there. My eBay listings are just random cards pulled from my extra doubles piles every few days but any card listed on eBay is something that has already been listed on Delcampe. eBay only lets me list 250 items a month so it's usually just a sampling of random cards. My Delcampe slot card listings are now over 13,000 different cards that are always there. If you're looking for the latest cards I have, then the Delcampe listings are the place to check first. They're listed as fixed price listings so you can buy them directly there or if you don't have a Delcampe account we can work direct.

And by the way, besides slot cards I currently have over 3,300 hotel room key cards listed although that does includes some non-casino hotels. Plus if you collect general gift cards I have over 2,400 of those currently listed too.

You can check my links below or email me for more details.

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