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I Just added several hundred room keys to my store

I just finished posting several hundred additional casino hotel room key cards to my Delcampe store. All are listed at $2 each plus shipping and we can deal direct if you do not want to buy through Delcampe. Many of the cards are from the Venetian, including quite a few different Chinese New Year cards!

Here's a link to the store front room key listings, the latest cards will appear first but in reverse alphabetical order by casino name (the Venetian cards are near the beginning)....

There's actually over 3,000 hotel room keys listed now but that includes non-casino hotel key cards too.

I do have lots of extras so I'll keep relisting things as they sell thus you may want to check back a few times. These usually sell pretty quick once they're posted.

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I Just added several hundred room keys to my store
i will take the 4 Illinois cards shown
Which cards did you want?
Cards are selling fast but I'm relisting extras

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