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Tons of new room keys adding on ChipGuide

I'm working on sorting and checking all the cards that I got while at the convention this year. I wound up acquiring 4 small collections of slot cards and room keys. I sorted out the room keys yesterday and there are a little over 2,000 casino hotel room key cards. I'm working on those casino room keys first, checking what scans we need on the ChipGuide. It seems there are quite a few new finds so it's probably way too much to post here on the BBS. If you get the daily emails from the ChipGuide with news on changes and additions you'll see what I'm adding there. Once I'm done checking everything I'll start working on getting everything new listed on my Delcampe store. Fair warning though, the room keys sell pretty quick once they're listed.

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Tons of new room keys adding on ChipGuide
Ignore Updates on ChipGuide room keys in email
All additions are now done...

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