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16.2 Edition of Slot Card Guide Just Released

I just posted the new 16.2 edition of the Slot Card Guide on the website ( ) for free download. This edition now documents over 23,920 cards which represents an increase of almost 300 new cards in the last quarter since the April release. That's slightly higher than the normal new additions for any given quarter with all the casinos now reopening and people starting to travel again. As always, the download is free while donations to support this ongoing effort and help cover costs are always appreciated. And... any donations received are split with David Sprag to help with the costs for this BBS.

Don't forget, there is also the website with links to various slot card related resources around the internet. If you know of any other resources we can add or you'd like to have your personal website, eBay sales, etc. listed please let me know. Just send me the details via email and I'll get them added.

As for my own personal collection, I'm somehow maintaining about an 85% coverage worldwide of all listed cards. I'm only missing about 3,600 cards currently. If you can get extras whenever you come across a new card please keep me in mind if you'd be willing to trade or sell one of your extras. Don't forget, I have over 13,000 different slot cards listed on my Delcampe store and I can generate custom searches if you're looking for anything specific. You do not have to buy via Delcampe, we can deal direct if there is anything I have that you need.

Happy Hunting!

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