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BCA - #1 Slot Card Extorsion !!!

I have been in 100s and 100s of Casinos all over the World in the last 29 years and I NEVER experienced what happened to me at the Emerald Island Casino in Henderson, Nevada.
I collect the Slot Cards from Casinos I visit. I normally ask for 2 cards with my name on the them and then follow-up with a request for "Blank" cards (without a name on them) for my collection. usually two things happened they either give you the "Blank" cards or they say "We can't do that" and they site some weird reason why can't give you "Blank" cards. I then follow up with "Can I speak with a Manager ??". The Manager comes out and I beg, grovel, plead, etc and try to get the "Blank" cards. Very often the Manager will give me the cards I am requesting. If they don't I say "Thank, you for your time" and walk off without the blank cards. Pretty simple you either get the cards or you don't.
However at Emerald Island in Henderson they hit me with a new "Twist" I had never experienced. The slot card attendant denied my request for "Blank" cards the Manager came and denied my request and then it got a little weird !! The Manager said she would check with her Boss - Wow I still had a chance to get the "Blanks" !! The Manager came back and said her Boss said "If I play for a while. they would give me the "Blank" cards." I said "What is a while ??" The Manager said "If you play around $50.00 in the machine that should be enough to get the "Blank" cards. I thought WTF is this - Slot Card Extorsion ?? I told the Manager "You have got to be kidding - I not going to play $50 or even 50c in your machines to get the "Blank" cards. I left the Casino shaking my head and thinking - that's a new one on me.
Shown below are Slot cards - including many Blanks that I picked up during my trip and some Room Keys - as you see there are NO "Blanks" from Emerald Island !!
Because of the extreme heat in Vegas and Laughlin I didn't go around getting cards but I got quite a few from my trip up to Lake Tahoe and Reno.
Take care,
PS - See my post on the Chip Board for explanation of "BCA"

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BCA - #1 Slot Card Extorsion !!!
Re: BCA - #1 Slot Card Extorsion !!!
Please post the BACKS of the cards too
Funny story about Emerald Island

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