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Finally back home from convention....

Just got in late last night. I'll start digging in and try to catch up on all the latest slot card and room key submissions for the ChipGuide as well as trying to process all the cards and info that I picked up while in LV. The slot card presentation that I did on Thursday morning went well with good feedback. I'm waiting for the club to post the recording of the presentation and I'll be sure to post a link when it's available. Plus I wound up receiving the MOGH Chairman's Award at the banquet so that was a nice surprise!

After the show I took one day to ride down to Henderson, hitting all the casinos along the way. Then the last day there I rode down to Jean and Primm but not much was open. Terribles in Jean is closed as are a few of the Primm locations.

For some reason I seemed to be a magnet for those thinking about selling their slot card collections. I had 8 or 20 people stop by and talk, taking my card and saying they'll be in touch. So we'll see what happens. I did manage to get 4 smaller collections while I was there, including Ron Leis' room keys and slot cards. I'll get to everything as soon as possible.

The next Slot Card Guide release would normally be July 1st but I have outpatient surgery that scheduled day so it might be delayed a day or two depending on how I feel.

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Finally back home from convention....
Thanks for this year's MOGH Chairman's Award

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