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Latest cards at Silverado-Franklin in Deadwood

Just received information on the latest and just previous cards from the Silverado-Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex in Deadwood, SD. In the previous 3rd issue we only had the base red Silverado Franklin Players Card listed where on the 6th line on the reverse mentioned "a 12-month period" while all previous cards mentioned a 15-month period. Also that card had 2 phone numbers on the reverse. Turns out all levels existed in that issue - purple Senior card, gold card and senior gold card, platinum and senior platinum plus a black Millionaires Club card. Unfortunately I do not have any scans or photos of any of these yet but I'm working on it.

There is also a newer issue that has a similar reverse but only ONE phone number. This newer 4th issue cards there is only one phone number on the reverse and so far only exists for the base red Players Card, Gold Card and Millionaires Club.

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