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ChipGuide Changes for Slot Cards and Room Keys

As mentioned earlier I've been working on cleaning up the slot card and room key listings on the ChipGuide after it was decided to move any manufacturer lot#'s to the CATALOG# field and just have the manufacturer name/info in the MFTR field. I've now finished that cleanup for all slot cards world wide and I'll started working on the room keys as I have time. I have quite a few done already but there's a lot more to go. I probably won't have time to finish up until after the convention.

So for slot cards, the information listed in the Slot Card Guide may be in either field or split between the MFTR and CATALOG# fields in the listings on the ChipGuide now. But overall I think it makes things a whole lot easier to understand.

The room keys will take a lot longer to complete since I'll have to manually go through the listings. With the slot cards I was able to use the Slot Card Guide to quickly find the entries that needed to be fixed.

Hopefully this makes things easier to use for everyone.

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