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16.1 Edition of Slot Card Guide Just Released

I just released and published the latest edition of the Slot Card Guide. The 16.1 Edition is now available as a free download from the website at with over 23,630 slot cards now listed. It was a slow quarter again, only about 180+ new cards were added this quarter but that was more than the previous quarter so things seem to be picking up a little.

And don't forget the Slot Card Exchange website: where you'll find links to various slot card related information and resources. If anyone has additional information they think should be included or have a website or auction listings, etc. that you'd like to include a link, just send me an email with the information.

As always, any donations to help cover costs of the websites and other expenses are greatly appreciated and I've been sharing a portion of all donations with David Spragg to help toward running this website as well. There is a link on the website for PayPal donations or you can send them directly to my email at

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