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Extra! 10 Days Left for 2020 CCA OTY Nominations!

Hello CCA Friends,

Tick tock…time is running out to submit your 2020 CCA OTY nominations! We only have 10 days left before the nomination window comes to a close! Our final deadline is at midnight on 3/31. Please get your nominations in now!

Our 3 active CCA OTY nomination categories are:

1. CCA Chip of the Year (COTY).
2. CCA Silver Strike of the Year (SSOTY). As a point of clarification, this is the CCA Silver Strike contest. There is a separate annual award contest held by the Silver Striker’s Club which often causes some confusion. I am a member of both clubs, if you love collecting Silver Strikes and are not already a member, I encourage you to consider joining the Silver Striker’s Club. You can find additional information or complete a membership application on if you are interested.
3. CCA Slot Card/Room Key of the Year (CKOTY).

Please email your nominations to or

For each nomination, please include the casino name, denomination (if it applies), a description, the city/locale, & the state/country that the item was released in. It would be most helpful if you are able to provide an image of each item.

Remember, the nominations that you submit must have been released in a casino during 2020 to be eligible for the contest. Any items that were released in 2021 will not be considered and will have to be resubmitted for consideration for next year's contest.

I’m ready to see the last minute onslaught of nominations of your highly coveted favorite treasures of 2020 to come pouring into my email! Let’s get those nominations rolling in! Thanks again to all of our eagerly dedicated members that have already sent your submissions in! You make this contest possible!

Talk to you soon,
Trey Warren
CCA OTY Chairman

Copyright 2020 David Spragg