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Extra! The 2021 CCA Raffle NEEDS Your Support !!!!!

I realize its only March and we still have a few months before the convention, but The Raffle Days will be here before we know it.

With 288 tickets sold we are only a little over 1/2 the tickets we have sold in previous years and have one of the largest prize pools ever.

Thousands of Chips, Tokens, Slot Cards, Dice, Silver Strikes, Gift Cards and Much MUCH More.

I have a dozen filled medium and Large priority boxes of donated items already packed with several more already in Vegas.

This is already the largest prize pool we have ever had !!!!

Here is the link to show how to buy tickets and make donations:

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Extra! The 2021 CCA Raffle NEEDS Your Support !!!!!
What Can you WIN ?????
Dont forget about the Pre Convention SPECIAL !!!!!
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