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It's Time...

There comes a time in every collector’s life when they come to the realization that it’s time to stop collecting.

Sadly, we have reached that time and have decided to sell our casino collectibles – slot cards from several states (not just Colorado), bungee clips that look like slot machines, $1 and $5 chips and tokens from several states, stationery, note pads, jackpot winner signs and a few other miscellaneous items (handi-wipe packets, coasters, sugar packets, tag-alongs, post cards, calendar cards). I have several sets of playing cards with special designs on them (scan attached) - I have the J-Q-K, not the entire deck of cards.

Our casino match books, phone cards, gift cards and room keys will be for sale at a later time, but for now we’ll start with the items mentioned above.

Email me direct if you are interested in something in particular and we’ll discuss a deal. I will gladly send you scans. I am reasonable. Shipping will be at your expense. Pay with PayPal “send money to family and friends” so neither you nor I incur any fees.

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