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16th Edition of Slot Card Guide Just Released

I just released and published the latest edition of the Slot Card Guide. The 16th Edition is now available as a free download from the website at with over 23,450 slot cards now listed. It was a slow quarter obviously, only about 130+ new cards were added this quarter. This marks the 10th year I've been publishing the guide since Pat Lamb retired. The guide has grown from 11,000 listings when I started to the current 24,000+ listings and is currently over 500 pages long. More information about the guide is provided on the website.

And don't forget the recently created Slot Card Exchange website: where you'll find links to various slot card related information and resources. If anyone has additional information they think should be included or have a website or auction listings, etc. that you'd like to include, just send me an email with the information.

As always, any donations to help cover costs of the websites and other expenses are greatly appreciated and I've been sharing a portion of all donations with David Spragg to help toward running this website as well. There is a link on the website for PayPal donations or you can send them directly to my email at

My own personal collection now includes over 86% of all listed cards worldwide, I'm currently only missing about 3,400 cards from the 23,450+ listed in the guide. I actually have over 94,000 cards in my main collection when you take into account all the multitude of variations that I collect plus there's about another 200,000 doubles and another 10,000 newly acquired cards yet to be checked. There's always something to do here between working on my collection, managing the guide and handling all the slot card info for the ChipGuide!

Thanks to everyone for helping by contributing information and scans for the guides. Without everyone's help and support it would be nearly impossible to keep up.

Happy New Year to everyone and happy hunting in the coming year!

Copyright 2020 David Spragg