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Over 1,050 Rare Slot Cards Now Listed on Delcampe

Just finished the last batch of listings and added a group of new rarer slot card doubles on my Delcampe store. There are now over 1,050 rarer cards listed, all with discounted fixed prices. Remember, you do not need to have a Delcampe account I just mainly use their site to provide a quick and easy place to list everything with their search feature allowing fairly easy access. I can still deal direct on anything listed on Delcampe and if you but direct from me I can do better on prices than what is listed on Delcampe. In fact, I'd be willing to do 40% of Slot Card Guide prices on most rarer cards if you're buying direct and want a few cards. I'm always open to trades and offers too. And for what it's worth, I now have over 13,000 different slot cards listed on my Delcampe store!

Here's a quick link that will show only the rarer cards listed on my Delcampe store with the latest additions listed first.

If you're looking for anything specific and need help just let me know. I can generate custom searches on Delcampe and email a link to the search results. The handy thing about the search links is that they never expire and can be used in the future if you want to check if anything you're looking for has been added. I'm constantly adding cards on Delcampe as I find new doubles. They actually get added there BEFORE any are listed on eBay. My eBay listings are typically just random selections from things already listed on Delcampe.

If you need help or have any questions just let me know.

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Over 1,050 Rare Slot Cards Now Listed on Delcampe

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