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Latest Slot Card Guide 15.3 Edition on Website

I just finished finalizing the 15.3 release of the Slot Card Guide and it's now available as a FREE download from my website at or through the new slot card collector resource website at

This latest version now lists over 23,320 cards and is over 510 pages in length. That represents almost 400 new entries from the last release in July. There are both Microsoft Word (.docx) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) versions available so it should be useable in almost any environment. The compressed Word document is about 4MB is size while the Acrobat document is about 12MB in size. Both have hot links for all the listed card CG#s, casino names, states, provinces and countries. See the website for more details.

I just finished adding almost 200 new foreign cards thanks to two Russian collectors that were willing to let me use scans of cards in their collections for the ChipGuide. Everything has been added so that was a large part of the new additions, probably about half.

As usual, the downloads are free but any donations toward the web hosting fees and other expenses keeping up the guide are greatly appreciated. And don't forget I've been trying to share a portion of any donations to help support David Spragg with the BBS as well.

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