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Updated info: Casino Morongo vs Morango Casino
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Morongo started with a bingo hall in 1983 and a Travel Center that's a gas station and convenience center that opened in 1979. The bingo hall was upgraded to the original Casino Morongo in 1992 with a new building opened in 1995 still under the Casino Morongo name. The expanded Morongo Casino Resort & Spa opened December 10, 2004 and the Casino Morongo was then only used for bingo and special events. In 2018 when the Morongo Casino was expanded, a few hundred slots were moved to the reopened and remodeled Morongo Casino and gambling resumed at the smaller location.

Apparently the latest cards have two different logos on the front with a common back, depending on which location the card is issued from - the original Casino Morongo logo from the smaller location or the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa logo from the larger location. Both sets of cards come in 4 levels - Red, Platinum, Gold and Black.

Here are scans of the base Red level from both locations with the common reverse.

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Updated info: Casino Morongo vs Morango Casino

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