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Getting Close to 13,000 Cards on my Delcampe Store

I still keep adding more and more cards to my Delcampe store every few days as I keep digging through the last collections that I bought and finally getting time to work on them. What I've been listing on eBay are just extras of what's already listed on Delcampe. There's over a thousand rarer cards, 130+ Russian cards, hundreds of other foreign cards and more. Plus tons of coupons and other paper things besides the several thousand room keys and gift cards that I don't even collect. Over 21,000 items in total!

Links are below or go to my old trading website and check out the direct links there to various categories of items on my Delcampe store. If you need any help finding things just let me know and I can generate custom searches and email a link that can be used now or any time in the future. Plus you do not need to register on Delcampe, I can still trade and sell direct.

If you have any interest in any of the rarer slot cards I can drop the prices to 50% of the guide prices if we deal direct.

If you collect Harrah's or Caesars player# prefixes, I have all my available prefixes for each issue card listed on my old trading website.

Email me with any questions or requests.

Copyright 2017 David Spragg